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April 18, 2018 / artguide

It’s just a glimpse, an elusive moment that art photographer Sola seeks to capture in his images. Based in Birmingham England, Sola is considered the pioneer of landscape Light Graffiti. Describing his technique, he notes “I think there’s something very special about the fact that light sculptures never actually exist in real life, it makes them very precious and esoteric. Only a camera can contain them so they live and breathe in a digital world where they can be grounded by printing what the lens reveals but eye can’t see.”

Sola, explains his process as two elements of site-specific photography; the landscape shot in ambient light with the introduction of an artificial light source. He ensures that his approach is,“created by camera at the time of the shoot and requires no special outdoor tricks or computer manipulation of the images.” The contrast of subtle background setting to the controlled motion and waves of bright artificial light is the essence of his fast moving work and attraction that draws attention closer to each redirected movement of light .

Full moon over wheat fields Harvest Festival crop circles Sola

Sola describes the process, “Typically, it takes between five and ten frames to create the image I am looking for – but often the first frame is the one. But …when I work it’s like being in a zen state. It’s just me, the location and the light form that I’m trying to put down. The camera is often the only observer, capturing the ephemeral moments for all to see… It’s no big secret. In a nut shell, all you need is a camera, a tripod, a light source and a bag of ideas.” To see more of Sola’s work visit his Art Guide Feature Artist page at

Art Guide contributor Elsa  K. Berlin

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