La Maison de Beaumont | Artist Residency Program

March 19, 2024 / Helen Kachur

La Maison de Beaumont offers a unique Artist Residency & Retreat experience in Southern France, the Provence & Luberon regions. Their residencies have been featured at the ResArtis network, a worldwide network of 550 vetted members operating in 75 countries, as well as the prestigious Artist Communities and ArtConnect networks. To stay connected to La Maison de Beaumont’s events and its relaxing retreats, follow their social media sites for the latest Residency Open Calls, Opportunities and Events.

The Artist Residency Program of La Maison de Beaumont is a multi-disciplinary residency that was designed with the goal of offering a beautiful space for musicians, scholars, writers, painters and other artists seeking  a unique place of solitude to grow and work in their particular craft. The scenery and beauty of the region, as well as the history and comfort of the house, provide an ideal setting to focus on individual creative works.

The Artist Residency Program provides resident with:

• Up to two months in residence at La Maison de Beaumont
• A fully equipped private apartment with kitchen & bath (see further below for Housing Options)
• Access to a Music & Exhibition room a multi-use space that can serve as an artist studio, a performance and exhibition space or for other artistic endeavors
• A Common Terrace for relaxation, networking with other residents, meditation.

Application Process

The Maison owners, Niki & Navid an American-French couple, encourage you to apply online by sending an email including the following information:

  • Cover Letter, let them know a bit about your background, why you think La Maison de Beaumont is a good fit for you? What do you like about Provence & Luberon? How you think you can contribute to La Maison de Beaumont?)
  • Resume
  • Work Samples
  • Proof of payment of the application fee of 45 EUR payable through Paypal

 Housing Options

La Maison de Beaumont residency program offers several housing options to accommodate the varied budgets and objectives for each resident artist. For example, the Tournesol studio is open to resident artists at a minimal cost of 375 euros for each of a 2 week period, that can also complement a special 750 euros per month program.