Landscape Artist Victor Mirabelli

June 15, 2019 /

Originally from the Pacific Northwest Victor Mirabelli’s numerous paintings reflect the magnitude and changing atmosphere from his studies of the Hudson River School of Art. Beginning at the Burnley School of Professional Art in Seattle Washington, he moved to the New York area where he currently resides. Through years of practice Victor’s work has  developed a reduced color pallet and open composition of fields dotted by singular structures that reflect on a glimpse or a quiet moment experienced while traveling about the Northeast country side.

Whichever the direction taken, Mirabelli’s painted record of local travel also transitions through years of traditional education and experience that never loses the freshness of a new method. He first began studies in art with an interest in abstraction. Since that time each new landscape painting has pushed his technique one step further. Victor approaches his work with layers of pigment and high energy brush scumbling  that defines his response to open spaces that are shared with abandoned farm houses and old barns warmed by the glow of the evening sun.

Mirabelli’s painting technique is subtle at first using high key elements and strong light to cut through atmosphere that produces a tangible textured nature and shadow. Transitioning from deep tonal areas to contrasted bright value of a simple detail; the artist progresses from recognizable image to an impression, warm to cool, and quick varied brush movement to a simple still line. His use of a solitary composition focuses the works intent on a most elusive concept, surrounding atmosphere thick in moisture and light. Most professionally, Victor executes and harmonizes his work through the restraint in his paint color selections and attention to light.

Mirabelli  has exhibited both solo and group juried shows nationally. He works on a variety of supports and mediums including oils, pastels and watercolors. He has been an associate member of the Northeast Watercolor Society, a member of the Catskill Art Society and continues to push the limits of the impressionist sense of space.

Art Guide writing contributor Helen Flores.

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Lorraine Kostmov

One of my FAVORITE Art Guide Feature Artists. Hope to try his technique, but may be way in over my head! Wish that Victor gave classes on his technique.

Oct 10, 2018


Love the singular compositions, very moody

Oct 09, 2018


Simple selection of color, intense results

Oct 09, 2018

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