Landscape Artist Victor Mirabelli

January 14, 2018 / Mary Kachur

Victor Mirabelli_ Contemporary Artist

Originally from the Pacific Northwest Victor Mirabelli’s numerous paintings respond to the mood and changing atmosphere of the New York Hudson River School of Art. A reduced image pallet of open fields dotted by singular structures reflect upon a quiet momentary glimpse often shared while traveling. Victor’s offers a impressionistic tour of hill sides that can be experienced at an easy pace across his open plains of grass, abandoned farm houses or old barns warming in an evening sun.

Whatever the direction taken, his paintings transition through years of traditional education and experience that never lose the freshness of a new method. Mirabelli first studied art with an interest in abstract works. Since that time each new landscape has become the result of pushing his technique one step further. In general he approaches each painting with a combination of layered pigments and an intense brush scrubbing  that defines a high energy signature.

Impressionistic at first, Mirabelli’s art captures the use of strong light to generate texture and shade. Moving from the depth of a dark space to contrasted high value of a simple detail, the artist works from recognizable image to impression, warm to cool, and quick varied brush movement to the still. His use of a solitary composition focuses the work’s intent on a most elusive concept, surrounding atmosphere that is very professionally defined and harmonized by a reduced color palette.

Mirabelli attended the Burnley School of Professional Art in Seattle and later moved to New York City in the 1980’s. He has exhibited both solo and group juried shows nationally. He works on a variety of supports and mediums including oils, pastels, and watercolors. Victor has been an associate member of the Northeast Watercolor Society, a member of the Catskill Art Society and continues to push the limits of the impressionist sense of space.

Art Guide contributor Carleen R. Hagger

Victor Mirabelli, Contemporary New York Artist,  Gallery 7

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