International Sculptor Erin McCarthy

July 2, 2022 / Helen Kachur


When it comes to contemporary art forms, modern sculpture is among the ranks of the Country’s popular gallery installations that’s practiced by the most influential modern artists of today. Before we dive into examples of those works by Art Guide’s current Feature Artist; what is sculpture of today and does it rely on the traditions of history’s old masters?  As a general rule, art curators and historians consider contemporary sculpture to be the practice of three-dimensional works that first began in the 1950’s and have since progressed beyond its boundaries of stone and metal.  Any variety of design and arrangement of materials is encouraged and can be used to create uniquely professional works of art.

Art Guide’s Feature artist Erin McCarthy, relies on the historic traditions of figurative design in sculpture, but transforms the earlier artistic methods through modern technique and advanced art materials. Her compositions create a sense of mass that often bring the subjects right to the tipping point of balance and tension. Born near the Boston area, Erin began her career as a professional in the beauty industry, however after studying under renowned makeup artists in Paris, she shifted her attention to more lasting works of contemporary sculpture design. Through her art and studies, Erin has traveled the globe, taking advanced residencies in Rome and featured exhibitions in Australia.

(taken form the your website…) Erin decided to immerse herself in the discipline of realistic sculpture and spent three years, 2011 – 2014, at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy where she diligently studied the classical methods of the masters and realized her true passion for sculpting people. Her time at Florence Academy of Art focused on developing technique through accuracy of proportions and gesture. Her work has since evolved and now pays more attention to anatomy following a dissection course. The benefits of studying anatomy in this way enable her to sculpt with a more tactile approach.

Upon graduation Erin was selected to serve as Artist in Residence for six months at the prestigious Galerie Schloss Weispach in Hallein, Austria. During her residency experience she interacted closely with the public and realized the power of art to influence a society launching her deep passion for public art.

Erin’s work is so lifelike that she was honored in 2019 by the Portrait society of America with first place in the annual portrait competition for a bust of her father entitled Simple Man. Her resume to date includes commissioned busts, figurative conceptual pieces and public artworks.