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July 10, 2015 / artguide

TheArtGuide.com is designed to support, promote and encourage the growth of art and spirit of creativity through viewer shared comments, images and posts of current art information.  We combine many of the country’s most successful art organizations, museums, local galleries and artists into one comprehensive internet resource of up-to-date listings for Exhibitions, Events and Calls for Entry. At no cost, our members are welcome to post a variety of art activities regionally, nationally and now internationally. Art Guide also offers the most current fully functional mobile features for all electronic hand held devices that can meet viewers at any location.

Visit Feature Artist Micheline Robinson at https://theartguide.com/artists/micheline-robinson



Really enjoy all of Micheline's art, very expressive without boundaries. My kind of work! Please keep posting with Art Guide so that we can follow your latest creations here in the US.

Mar 31, 2019

Micheline Robinson

Thanks, I've just noticed the comments, thanks so much! I don't have representation in the US yet but you can follow me on Instagram @artymicheline. I also am on twitter and facebook with the same name.

Mar 12, 2019


Does Michcheline have gallery representation in the US, would love to see her work first hand.

Jan 01, 2019

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