Linda Neel

Linda Neel

Presented by Live An Artful Life Gallery

Born in Denver, Colorado Linda grew up with an absolute love of fabrics and sewing which has become a lifetime hobby.  Early on, this hobby competed with Linda’s second love of horses and dressage which would in 1984 bring her to Virginia where she opened Leesburg’s first art gallery, Leesburg Gallery of Art.  The gallery was well known for its top originals, fine art prints and distinctive museum quality framing.

 In 1990 Linda and artist husband, Tom Neel, joined the fine art publisher The Greenwich Workshop in Connecticut for four years where they represented some of the nation’s top artists, before returning to Virginia.  Today with no horses Linda dedicates all of her free time to her love of textile art.

 Over the years, Linda's textile work has not only graced Live An Artful Life Gallery, her work has been exhibited and won awards at textile shows around the country as well. Truth be told, Linda's passion for textiles as an artistic medium is vast and now she has made the ultimate jump to fine art. 

Linda has now merged her complex process of working with silk and screen, into a fusion of fine art. The result; dramatic, fresh and unseen before. Abstract patterns ascend, depth is felt and color appears with movement. Each unique deep panel has been hand mounted and wrapped around all four sides, thus offering a three dimensional quality. Each is signed, titled and varnished for permanence. Live An Artful Life Gallery is now proud to represent the contemporary fine art of Linda Neel. Linda Neel's artwork can be found at Live An Artful Life Gallery in The Plains, Virginia. or

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