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Contemporary Art Gallery Online believes in the creativity of man, the beauty an artist can share with the world, and the ultimate need man has for the beauty of art. We believe this to be a simple truth, and this is why we created Contemporary Art Gallery Online.
The dream of owner Sharon Drinkard, Contemporary Art Gallery Online was created in 2001. Sharon envisioned a better way to buy and sell art. She knew her creation would have to utilize the modern technology of the internet. The question was how to achieve this goal. The Contemporary Art Gallery Online that exists today is the product of numerous reincarnations. Today, the Artists who are represented by Contemporary Art Gallery Online benefit from an aggressive internet marketing program that includes; radio interviews, industry catalogs, and more. Unlike the other “so-called” Internet Art Galleries, Contemporary Art Gallery Online represents a few select Artists. Contemporary Art Gallery Online is not an Artist Warehouse. It is the answer to the disappearing, traditional, “brick and mortar” Art Gallery. Our mission statement is just not words; it means something to us. It is why we come to work each day and why work late each night.

Mission Statement:
Contemporary Art Gallery Online was created to be the ultimate meeting place for the sharing of art. Our purpose is to create a platform whereby Artists can display, and ultimately sell their work. We are the only online gallery that limits the number of artists represented and only accepts artists, whose work speaks with a strong point of view, and meets our high standard of quality. Contemporary Art Gallery Online is Always Showcasing Tomorrow’s Art Giants, Today.

Visit us online at and enjoy our daily blogs, the bi-monthly newsletters, radio shows, videos, and our ART.

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9th Annual 2021, ALL Water/Seascape Art Competition 08/08/2021