3 Square Art Gallery

3 Square Art Gallery

2415 Donella Ct Fort Collins, CO

Phone: (970) 388-1969

Email: info@3square-art.com

Gallery Website:www.3square-art.com/3-square-art-gallery

3 Square Art is the Premier Fine Art Community in Northern Colorado. 3 Square Art was founded on the dream to create a plaza for regional, national, and international artists to come together around 3 areas of art—Creating, Sharing, and Learning.

Our gorgeous and contemporary, high-ceiling gallery space features on-going themed and juried exhibits from national and international artists.

3 Square Art’s ongoing exhibits feature themed topics to push the boundaries and business of art as well as to have fun and connect with others.

Exhibition Listings

Color 24

05/10/2024 to 06/21/2024

Art in B & W 24, 5th Annual Juried Exhibition

03/29/2024 to 04/26/2024

Calls for Entries

Event Name Entry Deadline
ColorR 24, 7th Annual Juried International Exhibition 03/18/2024