NOOBAA 24 | Non-Objective Abstract Art

3 Square Art

Jul. 12, 2024 - Aug. 23, 2024

2415 Donella Ct, Ste 110
Fort Collins, 80524
PHONE 970-388-1969

The NOOBAA 24 Exhibit at 3 Square Art is a celebration of Non-Objective Art, where artists venture beyond the realm of representation to explore the fundamental elements of shape, line, color, and form. Unbound by the constraints of the familiar, these innovative compositions exist solely for their own sake, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in pure abstraction and discover new realms of visual expression.

Non-Objective Art is a testament to the power of abstraction, as artists experiment with the language of visual expression to evoke deep emotions and sensations. Drawing inspiration from pioneers like Wassily Kandinsky, whose masterpieces “Composition VII” and “Yellow-Red-Blue” exemplify the expressive potential of non-objective abstraction, contemporary artists continue to push the boundaries of this captivating genre.

In the tradition of Kandinsky, artists like Piet Mondrian embraced Neo-Plasticism, advocating for visual harmony through geometric purity and primary colors. Mondrian’s iconic compositions, with their intersecting lines and fields of color, embody this quest for balance and order.

Color Field painters like Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman delved into the emotive power of color, inviting viewers to experience immersive chromatic realms. Rothko’s radiant canvases transcend the physical, inspiring contemplation and introspection.

This exhibition celebrates the creativity of artists who venture beyond representation. Join us in exploring the richness of non-objective abstraction.

Juried by the 3 Square Art Gallery

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