Works by Leigh Ann Culver: Uncovering Human Unity Through Diversity

The Loft

Sep. 6, 2023 - Sep. 28, 2019

120 South Park Square, Suite 207
Marietta, 30060
PHONE 770-628-2250

The Loft continues to present exciting new works as part of the thriving Marietta Arts District . The popular gallery and event space will reveal a new exhibition featuring artworks by resident artist Leigh Ann Culver on Friday, September 6, from 5-9pm during the popular Marietta Square Art Walk. Enjoy works from over 20 resident artists of The Loft alongside this exciting and unique spotlight for the Downtown Marietta. The exhibition will hang September 6-28 and is free and open to the public.

Born and raised in the South, the dark history and unique culture of southern life both haunt and inspire Leigh Ann Culver. Her curiosity towards moments of struggle, pain, triumph, and beauty as forces that unify human beings led Culver to intimately explore and elevate people through portraiture. From homeless veterans to historical
underdogs, she chooses subjects from the fringes of the familiar. Using life-like detail and scale, Culver creates charcoal and mixed media drawings of people with untold stories. She is fascinated with historical photography, and how one moment can translate the story and emotion of human life. By examining humanity across spans of time and space, Culver has found common threads that tie us all together. She aims to give the silent a voice, to aid in telling their story, and to encourage the viewer to confront and connect with people with whom they otherwise might never interact. Through exploring the diversity of people, Culver uncovers human unity.

Culver recently completed her first large scale public art installation in Downtown Marietta, a mural titled Interwoven, where the artist tells the story of the Civil War from women’s point of view. While not meant to be specific people, the inspiration for the two woman comes from images from the time period. Interwoven represents the
hardships shared by two communities. The subjects are portrayed as strong and confident women. Culver tries to depict every detail, flaw and emotion as she tells their stories through her art. The two women are pulling on a loose thread from their dresses causing it to unravel into a pool of strings that flow from the bottom and spill
out onto the surface of the arch. This is symbolism for an ‘undoing’ of the past, the string of time that connects us coming undone to then weave a new start.

The exhibition of artworks by Leigh Ann Culver and resident artists will be on view at The Loft September 6-28, 2019. Located upstairs at 120 South Park Square, Suite 207, in historic downtown Marietta, GA, The Loft showcases more than 20 artists in over 2000 square feet of gallery space. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact the gallery at 770.628.2250 or visit

The Loft, Marietta

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