Where I Come From, Where I Am: Associate Artist Group Show

Fountain Street Gallery

Aug. 3, 2024 - Aug. 28, 2022

460C Harrison Ave, Ste 2
Boston, 02118
PHONE 857 302-3067


Beginning August 3rd, Fountain Street will exhibit “Where I Come From, Where I Am,” featuring the work of the Gallery’s Associate Members. The show, which includes painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media, illuminates the thematic questions on multiple levels—physical and personal journeys, the unfolding of life’s events, the evolution of one’s artistic practice.

They say “you can’t step into the same river twice.” We know that water flows, evaporates and returns as rain. We as artists are similar—moving from place to place, geographically and thematically, as we create new bodies of works in different media or with new techniques. We change, at times just a little and sometimes more dramatically, but traces of our old creative selves can be found in new things we make. The title of this show was inspired by Paul Gauguin’s famous painting “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” (on display at Museum of Fine Arts Boston). The painting’s main theme, concerning the passage of time and the cycle of life, is echoed in this exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists
Clare Asch, Sorin Bica, Katherine Borkowski-Byrne, Dalvin Byron, John Daly, Linda DeStefano Brown, Susan Greer Emmerson, Nan Hass Feldman, Bob Hesse, Meghan Mirasolo, Pat Paxson, Catherine Picard-Gibbs, Jill Pottle, Anne Sargent Walker, Marcia Wise, Leslie Zelamsky

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