WCSU 2023 MFA Thesis Exhibition

Blue Mountain Gallery

Jun. 20, 2024 - Jul. 8, 2023

547 West 27 Street, Suite 200
NY, 10001
PHONE 646-486-4730


The MFA Thesis Exhibition is the summation of two years of intensive, creative study and extensive interaction with resident faculty and visiting artists for students of WCSU’s Department of Art’s Graduate Program.

The Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts is the preferred degree for the practicing artist who is preparing for a professional career in the visual arts. MFA degrees are available in painting, illustration and interdisciplinary visual art. The MFA Thesis Exhibition is the capstone experience of the graduate program, demonstrating a personal direction and mastery in the work of the artists. Four graduate students will present their thesis work this year: Dan Baker, Marcus Escribano, Lilah Heyman, and Aimee Jette.

This exhibition is supported by the Jason and Ellen Hancock Student Endowment Fund at Western Connecticut State University.

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