Urban Landscape

Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts

Nov. 4, 2024 - Jan. 29, 2023

1400 Pomona St.
St. Crockett, 94525
PHONE 510-787-2925


Urban Landscape a juried National Competition/Exhibition. Urban Landscape a complex structure resulting from the interaction between human and environment. It includes social, cultural and economic dimensions. Urban landscapes are formed and shaped mainly under the influence of human activities. What Urban Landscape surround and inspire you, how do these environments influence your life and art?

Juror: Cameron Brian
Born in 1961 in Denver Colorado, Brian earned his BFA in Painting and 2D Design from The College of Santa Fe in 1989 and holds an MFA in sculpture from The San Francisco Art Institute in 1993. He is co-owner and founder of The Transmission Gallery in Oakland, a contemporary art gallery focused on figurative and socially engaged art. Recently a new Transmission Gallery location was added in San Francisco, with Brian acting as co-director and principal curator for both locations. As an educator, Brian has taught a wide range of subjects, including Art, Drawing, Painting, Wood- working and Industrial design, at a number of institutions.

As an artist, Brian was chosen to be the California State University Bakersfield, Artist in Residence for the 75th Anniversary Celebration of The Grapes of Wrath Project in 2015, where he produced a two-acre sculptural installation. Brian’s work can be found in myriad of public and private art collections both in the United States and abroad and has been seen in numerous exhibitions world- wide. He currently divides his time between Southern California, the Bay Area and Oakland.

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