To Be Made Whole by Emily Koch

Pleiades Gallery

Jul. 11, 2024 - Aug. 5, 2023

The Landmark Arts Building, 547 West 27th St Suite 304
New York City, 10001

Koch’s previous works have focused on the female form, creating multi-dimensional playgrounds that are unbound by the female canon of ‘otherness’.

“To be made whole” breaks out of the feminine lens with a broadened approach to the subjective//objective experience. Assessing literature & visual systems from antiquity to today, Koch explores the relational nature of ‘being’, the never-ending dance between the self and the other: Whatever ‘it’ is that exists apart from ourselves creates us, but we also take part in creating whatever ‘it’ is. In this solo exhibition, Koch’s visual worlds play with dimensionality, using mirrors, shadows, form and abstraction, to express the creative process that is ‘being’.

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