Synthetic Souls

Paul Calendrillo New York

Sep. 26, 2023 - Sep. 28, 2019

548 West 28th St.
New York, 10001
PHONE 908.875.0149

The seed of the experience is science fiction cinema. Using the concepts of desire, fear, pain, and creation the artists show how the world exploits women in a dystopian society.

Some of the most detailed aspects of this exhibit are photography and video. Artists, Hasan Ali & Jeremy Baker, have narratively created stunning & dramatic video content featuring their models as Artificial Intelligence.

With the assistance of Jerry Hesketh (Apple, Virgin Games), perspectives into a world of sentient AI beings come to life. Through VR technology the artists will showcase their Artificial Intelligence living in a heavenly real world setting. Just like the photography pieces and video, the experience will contrast a live performance in both a real and dark view of a synthetic soul. The VR experience will be available through the exhibition’s full run at the venue.

The live installation aspect will showcase a directed performance by Hasan Ali featuring a model bringing art to life. Practical effects created by both Hasan Ali and Jeremy Baker will be applied to the performing artist. The performing artist will express the reality of the blind attempt to domineer sentient life. The story told will be juxtaposition to the perspective within the art.

The main goal of this exhibit is to transport you into a cerebral & existential journey that triggers deep thought and an emotion. The music arranged for Synthetic Souls will feature nuanced synthesized sounds that cinematically and emotionally expand the science fiction themed experience. Marcos Garcia of Chico Mann, Antibalas, and Here Lies Man composed the score.

Take a peek inside the minds of artists Hasan Ali & Jeremy Baker. These creatives have conceived an exhibit that showcases their love of film, science fiction, technology, and social commentary about where the future is possibly headed. They have approached this exhibit as they would a film narrative. By combining their talents of filmmaking & photography, they plan to transport everyone into a cinematic immersive experience.

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