Strings of Desire

Craft Contemporary

Jan. 28, 2024 - May. 7, 2023

5814 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, 90036
PHONE 323.937-4230

United by themes of human desire and longing, Strings of Desire brings together thirteen artists who have created a hybrid aesthetic that conflates embroidery, painting, sculpture, and architecture to explore personal identities that, like their art forms, are not solitary. The artists featured in Strings of Desire have chosen to work with embroidery either as a singular medium or as part of a multimedia art practice and have embraced needle and embroidery floss to connect with and integrate their non-Western cultural heritages, their queer identities, and their fantasies. Contemporary
embroidery, like painting, has lately taken on a narrative or figurative bent with the story of desire and

Craft Contemporary longing permeating this particular collection of artists who include Chiffon Thomas, Kang Seung Lee, Sophia Narrett, Ardeshir Tabrizi, Jenny Hart, Jordan Nassar, Carmen Mardónez, Aubrey Longley-Cook, Ken Gun Min, Diem Chau, Erick Medel, Miguel Osuna, and a portion of the 25 Million Stitches project.

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