Squeak Carnwath: Pattern Language

Jane Lombard Gallery

Apr. 29, 2024 - Jun. 4, 2022

58 White Street
New York, 10013
PHONE 212 967-8040


Jane Lombard Gallery is pleased to present “Pattern Language”, an exhibition of new paintings by Squeak Carnwath. The artist’s third solo exhibition with the gallery, “Pattern Language” presents the viewer with intricate visual archives that entangle public observation and private introspection. The exhibition will be on view from April 29th to June 4th, with an opening reception April 29th from 5 – 7 PM.

As an artist, Carnwath paints her own thoughts and observations, often connected to politics and personal narratives, knowing others will create their own recognitions within her compositions. She likens her patterns and symbols to messages scrawled on the wall of a public bathroom, a space that is intimate and yet open for everyone. Through painting of easily recognized symbols she allows the viewer to imbue her work with their own sense of familiarity. For instance, a wire hanger might bring to mind abortion rights, or Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest”. Eyes may prompt a sense of investigation, understanding, attendance, comprehension, or voyeurism. Outlines of hands and gestures tie the work to the body and the act of making, while inviting the viewer to closely examine the visual narratives.

“Thoughts are evidence of existence,” Carnwath says, “we all have them.” Anonymous messages have a tendency to touch people in unexpected ways, and this connection generates universal understanding. Art is about generosity, giving something of yourself, making the work accessible so that participants can have an experience that is theirs alone. “Pattern Language” trusts viewers to draw their own meaning from what they see.

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