Jennifer Norback Fine Art

Mar. 14, 2023 - Apr. 4, 2015

217 W. Huron Lower Level
Chicago, Illinois 60654

Jennifer Norback Fine Art is honored to announce “Sculpturescapes”, the newest solo exhibition from acclaimed fine artist Michael Goro, who will unveil his first body of oil paintings of Chicago.

The idea for “Sculpturescapes” originated with the artist’s everyday movement through the city. Most of Goro’s new scenes are culled from iPhone shots of his daily commute on foot or looking down from the El train. The buildings, bridges, signs, and water towers with all of the attached hardware, form a sort of urban garden of sculptural forms.

“I never go out with a specific purpose of taking a particularly evocative photograph or making a sketch,” says Goro. “On the contrary, the inspiration usually comes from my daily routine. I come across inspiring compositions while doing my regular shopping, going to the studio, or simply looking out of the loft window. Taking a train through downtown is akin to experiencing a visual symphony of lines, silhouettes and colors. Even though I practically never leave downtown, I do my best to avoid depicting landmarks.

Besides its purely aesthetic qualities there is another dimension to this body of work. Goro feels the authenticity of the city has suffered lately from a ruthless commercial development, its unique character gradually disappearing along with the signature water towers from the rooftops and the old charming buildings that are being replaced by cookie-cutter houses and faceless chain stores. As a Chicago-based artist he feels a special responsibility to document his impressions of the city as it undergoes the profound changes of progress.

“Sculpturescapes” will open on Saturday, March 14 with a public reception from 6 – 9 pm. This exhibition will run through March.

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