Fountain Street Gallery

Jun. 29, 2024 - Jul. 7, 2023

460C Harrison Ave, Suite 2
Boston, 02118
PHONE 857 302-3067


BOSTON, MA – Beginning June 29, 2023, Fountain Street Gallery will exhibit “Ritual/Practice/Process,” bringing together the sculpture and drawings of Georgina Lewis and photography of John Slepian. The featured work is about discovering form and meaning in objects, materials and places, through ongoing engagement with an artistic practice. Since the pandemic, the constraints of time, space and resources have pushed both artists to create work that is deeply and specifically attentive to the richness of our immediate experience. The meaning in these works is as much in the action of making them as in the final result. Each is a document of an aesthetic encounter with the world.

Georgina Lewis (she/her) works across media crafting pieces that examine dissonance: what tensions and artifacts result when one or more things come in contact. Lewis’ work references alchemy, nature, and the Anthropocene, using materials such as water, snow, sand, plastic, and paper to construct images and objects. She works slowly, making gentle modifications over time, to create magical, therapeutic, and yet provocative reminders that transformation and change can be both possible and beneficial.
Lewis received her MFA from Bard College and holds undergraduate degrees from SMFA at Tufts University and Franklin and Marshall College. Her work has been presented at numerous venues, including Boston University’s 808 Gallery, Grapefruits Art Space, Portland, OR, Acogedor LA, Mills Gallery in Boston, MA, Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA, and Boston Cyberarts Gallery. She has been a resident at Millay Colony and Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and is a Boston Center for the Arts Studio Resident. Lewis is a Core Member of Fountain Street.
John Slepian’s work can best be described as presenting dilemmas to the viewer. It is about asking questions rather than providing answers. He is particularly interested in looking at how meaning is constructed in our experience of works of art, and how media can be used to make that process visible. The pieces in this exhibition are from a recent body of work entitled “Inside Out.” Each day in 2023, Slepian is photographing an object that normally lives in his apartment somewhere out in the world. The connections between objects and locations are made in various ways—including formal, narrative, and conceptual—all with the goal of constructing a compelling and meaningful image.

Slepian received his MFA from San Francisco Art Institute and BFA from New York University. His artwork has been shown at P.S.1/MoMA in New York, Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, and Axiom Gallery, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, and Boston Center for the Arts in Boston, MA. He was a resident in the P.S.1 National Studio Program. Slepian is an Associate Professor of Art and Technology at Hampshire and Smith Colleges.

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