Queer Mythologies: Transabstractions by Nykoli Koslow

Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel

Feb. 25, 2024 - Jul. 28, 2022

139 E Kilbourn Ave
Milwaukee, 53202


Nykoli Koslow is a Milwaukee-based artist who works in the realm of painting and drawing, pulling from ancient history, mythology, religion, mysticism, and a kind of theoretical physics to anchor the visceral feelings of being in a Trans* body into a Queer mythic cosmology.

Nykoli visualizes Queerness through the multiple lenses of his own lived experience as well as research-based reinterpretations of his own cultural and religious history, and by formally fusing figuration and abstraction.

This exhibition invites guests to immerse themselves in and physically move through Nykoli’s vibrant and gestural canvases and drawings that envelop the room and convert the space into a Queer altar.

“I can perpetually rewrite my own truth,” he says. “As the bodies within my paintings break the anatomical lines of their biology, they expose the ambiguity, complexity, and myriad rich histories that is the Queered human experience.”

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