Portrait of a Nation, North America

Warren Library at Palm Beach Atlantic University

Feb. 20, 2024 - Apr. 12, 2024

300 Pembroke Place, West Palm Beach,
West Palm Beach, 33401


Embark on a journey with the social art world art movement since 2014 Targetizm, a representation of a unique collection of artworks on target cards, each carrying the symbolic essence of human goals. Individuals from diverse locations, backgrounds, and ages have left their positive messages for the next generation. These target cards have been meticulously assembled into the magnificent artwork, “Portrait of the Nation” North America, representing the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

The exhibition including artworks from a call for local and international artists who creatively express their visions on target paper.

During the 93-day North America art trip, the organizers contributed more than 2500 Google Map reviews and art contributions in various locations, accumulating over 4 billion views.
Messages were received from many government and non-gov institutions and private sector:
Niagara on the lake Collage
First Nation community (USA, Canada, Mexico),
National Geographic Canada,
Palm Beach University students and visitors,
Web3 community members, museums, musicians, actors, athletes,
the Ukrainian community memberes,
politicians, brands, businessmen, and many more.
Join the Museum of Human Goals leave your GOAL in this artistic journey and celebration of culture.
Artists including to exhibition:
Chris Cran (BC, Canada)
Marilyn Hurst (BC, Canada)
Chris Macclure, (BC, CA)
Moozhan Ahmadzadegan (BC, CA)
Marney-Rose Edge (BC, CA)
Kelly Ruggles Kelowna ( BC, CA)
Andrii Chernovil (UA, FL, USA),
Punk Me Tender (LA, USA)
Roman Mak ( UA, FL, USA)
Sergey Gordienko
Juan Miguel Ramirez (MX)
Sharon Fortowsky (BC, CA)
O’Cornor (BC, CA)
Maryam Booher (ON, CA)
and others

About the Founders:
• Andrii Chernovil (Abhinava): A Ukrainian contemporary artist, painter, designer, traveler, and NFT researcher, best known as the founder of Chernovil Art Gallery and the international art movement Qtargets Art (Targetizm) since 2014.
• Nadiia Chernovil: A Ukrainian art curator, co-founder of the Museum of Human Goals, gallerist, art reviewer, and NFT researcher.

With Support from Palm Beach University:
Heather Couch (Assistant Professor, Art Department, PBAU)

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