Outlook | Chris Plunkett + Vicki McKenna

Fountain Street Gallery

Mar. 30, 2024 - Apr. 24, 2022

460C Harrison Ave, Ste 2
Boston, 02118
PHONE 857-302-3067


Beginning March 30th, Fountain Street Gallery will exhibit “Outlook,” featuring the work of Chris Plunkett and Vicki McKenna. “Outlook” presents landscapes both personal and communal. Through the intertwining of light and composition we can recognize what the familiar has to offer. The powerful color of Chris Plunkett’s oil paintings and the atmospheres of Vicki McKenna’s black and white photographic prints celebrate the commonplace. They ask you to forego the preconditioned expectations of scenic grandeur and uncover interest in the everyday.

Covid-19 accommodations
Fountain Street Gallery is open to the public Thursday–Sunday from 12:00–4:00 PM. You may also book an appointment on our website at https://www.fsfaboston.com/about
A 48-hr advance booking is recommended for appointments. If you would like to visit sooner, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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