Our Stories: Patterns + What We Inherit

Compere Collective

Sep. 16, 2024 - Sep. 29, 2022

351 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, 11231


Alexandra Jamieson presents her first solo exhibition made possible with support from Compere Collective
For her first solo show, Alexandra Jamieson found inspiration in trauma healing therapies like EMDR, as well as scientific research into epigenetic inheritance, and the basic building blocks of human life, nucleotides. Patterns of healing, epigenetic trauma, and intergenerational expressions of hope, addiction, mental health crises, and loss are explored in this robust series of watercolors and mixed-media paintings.

The exhibition is open to the public and opens in September to honor Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

“The watercolor patterns and abstract paintings in “Our Stories” are made with simple paint, water, and brushes on paper, but the inspiration is much more complex. I hope “Our Stories” can help people who have experienced trauma, mental health crises, suicide, or addiction in their family or life to see the work feel accepted, less alone, and even find healing or relief. I feel passionate that every human deserves compassion and respect, and that art can transmit those things in a visceral, non-verbal way.”

Jamieson designs a gallery space in Brooklyn’s historic Red Hook neighborhood, as a center of healing for the communities impacted by overlapping natural and human disasters. The exhibition also includes Jamieson’s first soundwork, a recording of breathing techniques, which visitors can listen to with headphones as they view specific works inspired by self-soothing techniques.

10% of sales will be donated to Good Shepard Services, a non-profit organization serving local communities of Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The event is made possible in partnership with Realty Collective’s Compere Collective program, a people-driven, woman-owned real estate company.

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