Opening Night: TNAS Inaugural Journey and Spring Semester Showcase

The Norwalk Art Space @ADK House

May. 5, 2024 - Jun. 2, 2022

455 West Ave
Norwalk, 06850
PHONE (203) 252-2840

TNAS Inaugural Journey: The Norwalk Art Space will host a new exhibition highlighting the work of its inaugural group of Resident Artists; Francisco Mandujano, Lorena Sferlazza, Remy Sosa, and Emily Teall. The Opening Reception will be held on May 5, 2022 from 6:00-9:00pm and will include performances by The Norwalk Art Space Student Jazz Ensemble as well as students who participated in TNAS Teen Talent Night. The Norwalk Art Space (TNAS) opened its doors last June, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, providing a source of hope for its students, its artists and the community. Francisco Mandujano, Lorena Sferlazza, Remy Sosa, and Emily Teall began their one-year term as TNAS’ first Resident Artists on April 1, 2021. As they navigated through their first year, they were integral in launching The Norwalk Art Space’s educational program and bringing to life the vision of its founder, Alexandra Korry. The evolving personal journey of each Resident Artist has been evident as they filled the gallery and studios with their unique artwork. Through the TNAS after-school art program, they provided guidance and confidence to over 90 students from Norwalk and surrounding areas. This exhibition celebrates their accomplishments and highlights their growth as “world builders”, painters, mixed-media collage artists, “naturalists”, and teachers during The Norwalk Art Space’s inaugural year.

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