Monique Luchetti: One For Sorrow, Two For Mirth

Lola Shepard | Curatorial Projects + Gallery

May. 20, 2024 - Jul. 2, 2022

Online Exhibition
New York, 10013

Lola Shepard is pleased to present ONE FOR SORROW, TWO FOR MIRTH, an online solo exhibition featuring 25 works on paper by MONIQUE LUCHETTI. The online exhibition will be viewable to the public beginning on Friday, May 20, 2022, at 11:00 AM and will run on the website from May 20 to July 2, 2022.

As one of the most exquisite creatures on earth, birds are often regarded as symbols of freedom, grace, beauty, and love. With their rich array of colors and unmatched ability to compose a symphony of songs, birds of all species easily capture our collective attention and imaginations. Ecologically, birds are a critical element to nearly every living thing on earth but when avian species are lost, due to habitat encroachment or through harmful pesticides and pollution, their particular functions and benefits in the biosphere disappear too. Recognized as one of the most important indicators of the state of the environment, our majestic, feathered friends’ fates are closely intertwined with ours.

In ONE FOR SORROW, TWO FOR MIRTH, Monique Luchetti draws our attention to the symbiotic relationship between humans, the animal kingdom, and our natural world. Using her artwork to communicate and address the importance of environmental and animal conservation, Luchetti has developed a body of work depicting bird study-skins (as the bird specimens are called) from ornithology collections she photographed. Her mixed media artwork takes an unflinching look at the harmful effects of human intervention on the world and, as the artist states, serves “as a meditation on the contradiction inherent in our rush to collect, classify, and catalog the world, even as we go about destroying it.”

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