Martha Bone: Mapping the Invisible

Garrison Art Center

Aug. 12, 2024 - Sep. 10, 2023

23 Garrison's Landing
Garrison, 10524
PHONE 845 424-3960

July 18, 2023, Garrison, NY – Garrison Art Center (GAC) is pleased to announce Mapping the Invisible, an exhibition of collaged paintings and assemblage by Martha Bone. This is the artist’s first solo show at Garrison Art Center. The exhibition will run from August 12 – September 10, 2023, with an opening reception on Saturday, August 12 from 5 – 7 pm. “My collaged paintings and assemblage on canvas and paper deal with the boundaries of
understanding and our shared connection with the primitive, the mythic, the imagined, and the feared,” said Martha Bone. “ I use nature and the symbols of prehistory to understand the self.

Through a process of constructing, obliterating, erasing and reforming, images take on sculptural qualities and give birth to unexpected meanings. I build images that have visceral connections to the natural world. My objective is to penetrate the hard surface of things, and ascend to the world of the formless, the seat of consciousness, and liberate what is hidden.”

Bone continues, ”Shape is primary, and I distill information until it is simple, powerful, and ambiguous, like a vivid dream whose meaning is hidden. Materials such as screws, bolts, steel hardware, and
incinerated car parts are attached suggesting a landscape built with tension, held together by the things that bind us. Each artwork is a shape unto itself, part of a whole, layered color and line pasted
together until image and substrate read as one thing. Drawing serves as the incubator and base layer for my assemblages.”

In Bone’s latest series Mapping the Invisible, she works from her own photographs, trying not to impose her will on the process. Though she starts with an intention, she often ends up in quite a different place. She paints with worn-down brushes, digging into the surface, sanding it all back, and trying to coax a 2D image into a 3D dimension. Her art is circular, as Martha repeatedly reimagines and incorporates the same imagery. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Martha Bone attended Syracuse University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors in painting and illustration. In 2018, she received an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She lives in Manhattan and works in the South Bronx.

Mapping the Invisible will be on view in the Gillette Gallery, concurrent with Off-kilter, an exhibition of mixed media works by Janice Caswell in the Balter Gallery.

The Galleries at Garrison Art Center are open Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm.

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