Le Printemps

Chroma Fine Art Gallery

Mar. 14, 2024 - Apr. 16, 2023

194 Katonah Ave
Katonah, 10536
Phone: (914) 301 – 3179


Spring has sprung at Chroma Fine Art Gallery! Now through April 16, the new exhibition, Le Printemps, celebrates springtime’s colors, textures, and energy. Three artists have been brought together for their uplifting motifs, hues, and synergy.

Robin Arzt is a painter with two different bodies of work on display. Her Arc Series considers the relationships that can be established between curves, colors, lines and textures. Her Knots Series explores the harmony in the tangles, turns, and twists of close-up knots. The two series are beautifully complementary, for they share the aesthetic desire to resolve intricate compositional situations through form and color.

Melissa Benedek is an abstract painter whose fluid brushstrokes intersect, overlap, and react with each other. The resulting pieces contain a signature essence of “beauty and magic.” Some works on display conjure the textures of sumptuous fabrics like boucle, silk, tweed. Others recall organized mazes that contrast pathways between light against dark.

To round out the paintings on the wall, curator Rita Baunok has included the work of pottery artist, Braken Feldman. For 20 years, Feldman has created one-of-a-kind ceramics for the kitchen and home that are meant to be used and enjoyed every day. Each piece is hand-formed on the wheel and glazed to produce its unique color and effect. During such a celebratory time as spring, Feldman’s pieces make excellent gifts! Delight the bride-to-be with a pair of hand-made mugs for the couple’s daily coffee ritual. Gift your Easter or Passover host a one-of-a-kind vase that will still look beautiful after the fresh flowers fade. Or stack some goodies onto one of Feldman’s charming robin’s-egg-blue cookie platter – and treat yourself!

The mood of this exhibition is pure refreshment! After a long, dark winter, Chroma’s walls and pedestals radiate with a happy, light, feminine energy that nurtures the eye and the soul. Please join us in celebrating the joie du printemps!

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