Land/Form | Kathline Carr + Frantz Lexy

Fountain Street Gallery

May. 5, 2024 - May. 29, 2022

460C Harrison Ave, Ste 2
Boston, 02118
PHONE 857-302-3067

Beginning May 4, Fountain Street Gallery will feature the work of Kathline Carr and Frantz Lexy in “Land/Form.” The artists share a deep interest in the landscape. In this exhibition they create in their respective work a language of form, resulting in imaginary or reconstructed places that blur the lines between representation and abstraction. Carr is primarily dealing with abstraction in her paintings and monotypes, relying on tonality and a strong interest in drawing to refine her impressions. Lexy uses scale and dimensionality to explore the forces of nature as well as human attempts to control them. Carr and Lexy’s collaborative installation of small drawings, sketches and prints will give insight into their processes and personal decisions behind the larger works.

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