Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Paintings from 2009 to 2022

David RIchard Gallery

Jun. 29, 2024 - Jul. 29, 2022

508 West 26th St, Studio 9E
New York, 10001
PHONE 917 853-8161

David Richard Gallery is pleased to extend Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe’s presentation, Paintings from 2009 to 2022, his first solo exhibition in New York in a decade and debut with David Richard Gallery at the Chelsea location.

Gilbert-Rolfe’s exhibition will be on view from June 29 through July 29, 2022, at David Richard Gallery – Chelsea located at 508 West 26th Street, Suite 9E, New York, NY 10001, Phone: 212-882-1705, email: [email protected] and website: Images of the artworks, installation views and videos, as they become available will be available for viewing at the following link

This presentation of fifteen paintings is organized in two groups. The largest includes the debut of nine new paintings created in Florida from 2016 through 2022. They are presented alongside a suite of five paintings from 2015, Five Times During The Day, that consider the light and corresponding colors and impressions during different times of day from early morning to sunset. The last, and earliest painting in the exhibition is a more rigorously geometric work from 2009 titled Emanuel Shinwell Goes to University, it’s very subtle differences between adjacent dark colors gave rise to the first—an even darker grid painting—in the series Five Times During The Day. These last six paintings were the final works completed in California prior to Gilbert-Rolfe’s move to Florida.

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