Immanent Domain

Anita Shapolsky Gallery

Sep. 17, 2024 - Jan. 7, 2023

152 East 65 Street
New York, 10065
PHONE 212 452-1094

The Anita Shapolsky Gallery proudly presents our fall 2022 show. Featuring the works of abstract art pioneers, we plan to take you on a journey through history as we explore the different works of abstract art from the late 40s until now.

The works of this seemingly disparate group of artists evince decades of the history of Modernism shifting concerns and practices through their overlapping approaches and shared intrinsic metaphysical ethos.

Their diverse solutions to overt Formalist tropes catalog a range of personal nuance and temperament. In many ways, they all developed an interest in separating psychological narrative from plastic form. Their works resonate in the interstices between nature and culture; underlying architectonic structure mediated through gestural lyricism.

They maintained clarity of vision while addressing the Modernist challenge of strict aesthetic tenets without irony or compromise to their quests for individual free expression.

Featuring artists:
Peter Bonner
Amaranth Ehrenhalt
Michiko Itatani
Michael Loew
William Manning
Jeanne Miles
Jeanne Reynal
Richards Ruben
Ethel Schwabacher
Nancy Steinson
Taro Yamamoto

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