Figure That 2023, 5th Annual Portraiture & Figurative Art Exhibition

3 Square Art Gallery

Jan. 20, 2024 - Feb. 17, 2023

2415 Donella Ct, Ste 110
Fort Collins, 80524
PHONE 970-388-1969

The human figure has intrigued and inspired artists to paint beautiful and provocative images through the centuries. Artists use the figure for training purposes, documenting important individuals to history through portraiture, for abstract as well as realistic imagery, for social commentary, design and more. Go figure that artists have found ways to portray the human body is nearly every possible way imaginable. Can you figure an approach to the human form that has never been tried before or will you utilize traditional methods? We want to see your best figurative and portraiture work! Discover a new take on the human story.

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