External Strife, Internal Peace, Eternal Love by Nehemiah Edwards

Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel

Oct. 7, 2024 - Mar. 12, 2023

139 E Kilbourn Ave
Milwaukee, 53202
PHONE (414) 276-8686


Nehemiah R. Edwards (also known by his moniker, Nemogreater) is a Milwaukee-based artist whose paintings and digital work use his playful iconography of angel and demon characters to highlight the conflicting relationship between our morality and our vices.

Nehemiah’s exhibition in The Closet at Saint Kate physically immerses guests in his artistic process: guided by the immediacy of an unrefined aesthetic, he recreates his studio with materials authentic to his practice. Saturated with abstraction and color, the atmospheric environment implores viewers to lose themselves in the paintings surrounding them in order to escape personal woes in exchange for a moment of serenity, eventually arriving at a place of transcendent peace.

Driven by his desire to help others through his creative endeavors, Nehemiah’s work in The Closet transports guests to a world of infinite love, peace, and potential.

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