Expanding Orbits: New Works by Marion Fink

C24 Gallery

Oct. 7, 2024 - Dec. 23, 2022

560 West 24th Street
New York, 10011
PHONE 646 416-6300


We are pleased to announce Expanding Orbits, new works by C24 Gallery artist Marion Fink. For her inaugural solo exhibition with the Gallery, Fink imbues her signature monoprint portraits with a more focused investigation of the forces that may result in turning points in our lives. Her erstwhile contemplative subjects now find themselves in the midst of changes that impact their bodies and spirits, and are reflected in the objects, landscapes, and spaces around them. Her life-size monotypes provide graphic depictions of how life-altering circumstances can impact us on the most fundamental levels, compelling us to move into unknown territory, while her smaller, intimate drawings provide a distillation of moments in time and space.

In this new collection, the artist explores how individuals might be stuck in a state of inertia, or at the brink of change. Says Fink, “We humans experience this law of inertia in the way our habits and routines keep us on the same tracks… I feel it is deeply human to crave certainty and stability and therefore avoid change and the unknown. At the same time, the desire to expand, to grow and to discover the new and unknown is also something most people experience. When this urge becomes big enough, a person might develop the internal force to make a change from within.”

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