Lower East Side Printshop

Jul. 18, 2024 - Sep. 20, 2024

306 W 37th Street
New York, 10018
212 673-5390


Dreaming is one of the most universal human experiences, one shared across cultures and time. Dreams ask what conversation we could have if we let the imagination speak. They create a unique space where the impossible becomes possible, allowing us to explore our deepest desires and fears without the constraints of reality. This ability to hold and navigate two worlds, dreaming and awakeness, is essential to imagining the futures we need to create in order to survive and thrive. Dreaming//Awake explores the dreams of our ancestors known and unknown, of our parents, and of our childhoods. Artists in this exhibition juxtapose concrete images with abstraction to rewrite memory, morph reality, and transform cultural narratives, reorganizing the world for new future possibilities.

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