Diaspora Online Exhibition

South County Art Association

Jan. 3, 2024 - Oct. 31, 2023

2587 Kingstown Rd
Kingston, 02881
PHONE 401 783-2195


Everyone is invited to be part of our online Diaspora Exhibit. We are seeking artwork and narratives that speak to the theme “Diaspora” and how it relates to cultural identities, inclusion/exclusion, identity and diversity.

Each artwork tells a story about the artist’s interpretation of diaspora. Some artworks tell individual stories of how ancestry and heritage played into their cultural identity. Other artworks speak to the bigger theme of the migration of cultural identities, challenging the ideas of an established world.

Our goal with this exhibition is to present different perspectives of diaspora so viewers can be exposed to different interpretations of this topic. Our hope is that viewers will look, absorb and think of the meaning that each artwork conveys. Then combine all those viewpoints and realize that this collective exhibit represents the makeup of who we are; a group made up of unique, diverse individuals.

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