Cover Lover Remix

Pelham Art Center

Jul. 21, 2024 - Aug. 27, 2022

155 Fifth Avenue
Pelham, 10803
PHONE 914 738-2525

Pelham Art Center presents Cover Lover Remix, on view July 21-August 27, 2022. The electrifying juried exhibition of remixed iconic album cover art curated by Dick Burroughs will travel from GARNER Arts Center to Pelham Art Center for the second leg of its summer tour.

Cover Lover Remix (CLR) is a juried multi-artist exhibition of “remixed” album covers. CLR began in 2011 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, as the “vinyl-revival” was picking up steam with renewed interest in vinyl records as handheld pieces of multimedia artwork comprising a layered sensory experience. The CLR exhibition explores the transition of visual artists from consumers of album art to creators of reimagined album covers. All exhibiting pieces measure 24” x 24,” which maintains the square shape of an album cover, while doubling the cover size for increased visual impact. Participating artists will reinterpret iconic album covers while maintaining a conceptual thread to the original album artwork, which will be visible via QR code. The vast range of source material crosses musical genres with album artwork often creating an emotional bond with the public. The beauty, drama, creativity, and anticipation lies in how the artist navigates that bond while owning the vision of their remix. As stated by curator Dick Burroughs, “Album art isn’t normally in art-specific environments such as a gallery, and the public’s interaction with the familiar, yet different creates a vibrant energy.”

In addition to the artists the jury selects for the exhibition, the exhibition will feature a select group of guest artists curated by Dick Burroughs. Selected artists are chosen for their style, energy, and vibrancy to create exceptional expressions of the Cover Lover Remix curatorial theme. The select artists include: Pablo Power, Ritchie Sway Iwanski, Mike Perry, Schoolly D, Sean Qualls, Kristen McCilver, Adam Krueger, Misha Tyutyunik, Jim Twice, Extra Polo, Charlotte Mouquin, Savior El Mundo, AJ Lavilla, and Voodo Fé.

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