Bright Sides by Sarah Jane Sutterfield

Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel

Apr. 22, 2024 - Oct. 2, 2022

139 E Kilbourn Ave
Milwaukee, 53202
PHONE 414-276-8686

Sarah Jane Sutterfield is an interdisciplinary artist whose divergent approaches to making the focus on gesture through materiality and color.

Bright Sides, Sutterfield’s site-specific installation in The Closet, radiates warmth, positivity, and an unquestionably gestural approach to painting. Through painting, sculptural weaving, and metallic film, she treats the entire Closet as her compositional field. She invites guests to consider the potential of expanding beyond the limits of the traditional canvas.

The lustrous nature of the metallic film—in addition to Sutterfield’s profusion of pink—not only engenders reflection about the material implications of her work, but also a sense of optimism.

Decidedly sanguine, this installation conveys the artist’s broader sense of liberalism and curiosity about colors and materials and encourages viewers to depart the everyday and see the bright side.

Sutterfield holds a BFA in Integrated Studio Arts from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She has participated in the residency program at the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN), exhibited regionally, and maintains her studio practice at Var Gallery + Studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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