Bridges | Fountain Street Core Member Exhibition

Narrows Center for the Arts

Jul. 21, 2024 - Sep. 2, 2023

16 Anawan St
Boston, 02118
PHONE (508) 324-1926

Beginning July 21, 2023, the Narrows Center for the Arts will open its doors to the core member artists of Boston’s Fountain Street Gallery. In “Bridges,” an exhibition of painting, photography, sculpture, and mixed media, twenty-five artists share their interpretations of the theme of building connections. Bridges connect people and expand communities, and, for artists of many different genres, provide a deep source of inspiration. For visual artists, the ideas of traversing space and linking forms offer countless opportunities for exploration. This exhibition illuminates the idea of linkages on multiple levels – the rich imagery of the artworks first and foremost, as well as the connection between two cities (Fall River and Boston) and the partnership of two community-based arts organizations (the Narrows Center and Fountain Street). The concept of bridges is at the heart of the artistic endeavor to link personal stories to the larger human experience, enabling us all to expand our horizons.

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