Brianna Bass: Scatterig the Constant

LatchKey Gallery

Sep. 8, 2024 - Oct. 15, 2023

173 Henry Strret
New York, 10002
PHONE 646.213.9070

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (New York, New York): LatchKey Gallery presents Scattering the Constant by Brianna Bass, an exhibition of electrifying abstract paintings that highlight how color seduces and deceives the eye. Scattering the Constant runs from September 8 through October 15, 2023 at 173 Henry Street, NYC and is Bass’ first solo show with the gallery.

Brianna Bass creates paintings of extraordinary beauty that linger in the mind.

Her works generate sensory effects full of movement and intensity that vibrate deeply from the canvas, enveloping the viewer. Utilizing the universal language of the grid, Bass explores how color interacts profoundly to beguile the eye.

She investigates the complex and organizes the chaotic. Using an intersection of logic-based systems, mathematics, and color theory, Bass creates a rigorous method that has unexpected but defined conclusions

The works are a rare fusion of systematic process and expression. Bass’ physical combination of paint creates deep optical mixtures of space, form, dimensionality, color, texture, light and shadow. They demonstrate an artist leading, deepening and extending discussion about color theory and rule-based art.

Bass synthesizes the aesthetics of visual language and the poetry of scientific expression. In Quasicrystal, a 40 inch square painting of radiating, primary-colored lines, predetermined numbers vary the paint application to produce a static of subtly randomized color relationships, which disrupt the two-dimensional surface to exhibit both order and chaos, extending in all directions.

Bass draws from a direct lineage of art history and conversation, referencing, expanding and interacting with movements and artists, including the experiments of Emma Kunz, Alfred Jensen and Sol LeWitt, and optics of Bridget Riley.

A catalogue will accompany the exhibition with an essay by Clare Gemima.

For inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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