Art in B & W 24, 5th Annual Juried Exhibition

3 Square Art Gallery

Mar. 29, 2024 - Apr. 26, 2024

2415 Donella Ct, Ste 110
Fort Collins, 80524
PHONE (970) 388-1969

The Art in B & W 24, 5th Annual Juried Exhibition will once again grace the 3 Square Art Gallery this April 2024. This captivating exhibit highlights the enduring aesthetic of black and white art and photography, transcending the confines of time to create an experience that resonates across generations. This exhibition challenges artists to articulate their narrative in works devoid of color and is open to all artistic mediums and photography, subject matter, and styles from abstraction to realism.

The deliberate absence of color serves as a canvas, eliminating distractions and allowing viewers to delve into the very essence of the artwork. Here, the focus shifts to the conceptual, the structural, and the compositional elements, fostering a heightened awareness of shapes, textures, and contrasts. Working in black and white is a deliberate act that goes beyond technique—it is a conscious choice that lays bare the emotive power of storytelling and symbolism. Stripping away color invokes a more profound response from the viewer, creating a lasting impact that transcends the fleeting trends of the art world.

Join us on a journey through the dance of shadows and light in the Art in B & W 24 Exhibition this Spring, which celebrates the profound and the subtle. As we transcend the ephemeral nature of color, we emphasize fundamental artistic elements, evoke timeless aesthetics, and convey powerful stories and emotions.

Juried by the 3 Square Art Gallery

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