Ancestral Revolution

C24 Gallery

Mar. 21, 2024 - May. 10, 2024

560 West 24th Street
New York, 10011

Ancestral Revolution, a solo exhibition of works by Cal Lane. The collection will include carved steel sculptures, braided tires, and assemblages made from heirloom china. The works represent highlights from a decades-long career of iconic work that has been shown in museums, public installations and private collections.

Cal Lane is well known for her exquisitely crafted steel sculptures made from objects such as oil drums, shovels and other products of the industrial era, into which she cuts elaborate, lace-like patterns with a plasma torch. Her works are a meditation on the materials and aesthetics of gender, but more broadly, they explore the weight of ancestral constructs and traditions as they relate to the objects and patterns that build modern culture.

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