Alyssa Monks | Clio Newton

Forum Gallery

Jan. 18, 2024 - Mar. 2, 2024

475 Park Avenue
New York, 10022
PHONE 212 35-54545

Forum Gallery presents a two-person exhibition of new and bold figurative works by Alyssa Monks (b. 1977) and Clio Newton (b. 1989), opening Thursday, January 18, 2024. The two women are among today’s most influential, internationally-recognized artists. While each has a unique approach to her art, both artists employ formidable technique to portray a thoroughly contemporary sensibility.

Diving deeply and unapologetically into charged, impassioned moments revelatory of their female subjects, Monks’ oil paintings and Newton’s works in charcoal, colored pencil or oil are vivid expressions arising from the unique personal perspective of each artist, described in her own distinct visual language.
Viewed together, the eleven works in the exhibition are complementary and widely different visual experiences, commanding our attention while illuminating the accomplishments of two visionary leaders of contemporary figuration.
The exhibition opens with a reception for the artists on Thursday, January 18, 2024 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, and will be on view through Saturday, March 2, 2024.

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