After Eden

LatchKey Gallery

Jun. 16, 2023 - Jul. 27, 2023

173 Henry Street
New York, 10002
PHONE 646.213.9070

LatchKey Gallery and co-curator Molly Davy are pleased to present After Eden | the divine feminine, a group exhibition
featuring works by Brianna Bass, Deeya Bhugra, Erin Collinge, Dana Davenport, Dominique Duroseau, Alanna Fields, Katinka Huang,
Shara Mays, Coralina Rodriguez Meyer, Daniela Gomez Paz, Chloe Luisa Piñero, Lina Puerta Sharmistha Ray, Jasmin Risk,
Josie Love Roebuck, Defne Tutus, Lauren Murao Walkiewicz and Ibitsam Tasnim Zaman.

After Eden explores a wide range of artists and mediums that depict the divine feminine in various forms, including the Great Mother
Goddess and Mother Earth. The artworks are sourced from different perspectives of race, religion and sexual identity to provide a diverse representation of the divine feminine in different cultures.

Through this exhibition, the significance of the divine feminine is brought to the fore in how it is associated with the concepts of
fertility, creation, and nurturing and the significant role womxn played in ancient societies as priestesses and religious leaders.

After Eden highlights the contrast between society and most major religions of the world today. The works serve as evidence of a
completely different way of life that celebrates the sacred female, reflecting on the implications of the shift from matriarchal to
patriarchal societies.

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