5 for 5, 5th Anniversary Show

J Mane Gallery

Jan. 23, 2024 - Mar. 6, 2023

31 Lippincott Ave.
Voorhees, 08043


J. Mane Gallery invited submissions for its 5 for 5 online juried art exhibition in honor of our 5th Anniversary.

“An artist is typically a being that is filled with so much passion, love, or pain for certain lands, people ideas, or images that all they can do with that overflow is bleed it out by creating. And with this type of art, the energy will be shifted from the depths of them, and into the depths of the audience to be felt. It is a dance. A transference. An intimacy. It is to touch and awaken another human a place they hadn’t known was aching or sleeping. Both are open. Both are nourished. Both are transformed.”~Victoria Erikson

For this competition, artists were encouraged to share their artistic vision. Any subject and all media were accepted, including 3-D. Artists over the age of 18, regardless of location or experience, were encouraged to submit their best-inspired work.

Each of our themed exhibitions, awards for Best In Show, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards. Artists represented in this exhibition are from the USA, Canada, Estonia, Italy, Germany, and France.

Best In Show: Susan Wehrman
Platinum Awards: Kim Chase & Renee Switkes
Gold Awards: Linda McCord & Kate Peper
Silver Awards: Jeremiah Gilbert, Judith Krew, Phil Leith-Tetraualt, Bob Moskowitz, Toni SIlber-Delerive
Bronze Awards: Padma Aleti, Jess Chua, Yuchen Lu, Bob McCormac, Kristopher Schoenleber, Adrienne Shishko & Suzanne Moseley, Sarah Simmerman, Alison Thomas, Meaghan Troup, Cornelia Urlass and Britnie Walston

The Exhibition: Kathryn Annetti, Lea Barozzi, Sandra Belitza-Vazquez, Guglielmo Botter, Youri Chasov, Margaret Chwialkowska, Sandra Dalton, Eric David, Paula Marie Deubel, Monique J. Dufour, Michael J. Duke, Norm Ellis, Virginia Gott, Sarah Haig, Elizabeth Kayl, Aaron Krone, Diamante Lavendar, Allan Linder, Carlos Lorenzana, Xiki Lu, Minii Lucas, Marjorie Moskowitz, Paul Pinzarrone, Gayle Printz, Regina Roland, Fabienne Sowa-Dobkowski, Tu Sudat, Hanna Supetran, Rachel Tirosh, Vasu Tolia, MIchael Wagner, Deborah Zavon

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