21 Grams: The Weight of Souls by Kacy Jung

Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel

Sep. 30, 2024 - Jan. 15, 2023

139 E Kilbourn Ave
Milwaukee, 53202


In her solo exhibition in The Gallery at Saint Kate, Kacy Jung grapples with how our cultural identity and personhood can be molded, expanded, and contracted by economic systems. Her sculptural series, 21 Grams: The Weight of Souls, taps into our creative potential as humans by exploring and exposing our inherent vulnerabilities.

She notes, “through photography and mixed-media sculpture, I investigate the way identity is constructed and reassembled during socialization.” She views the subject of her work as “often intertwining with the manipulative nature of the capitalist system” and “the immigrant experience in the USA.”

“The combination of digital photography, the softness, mesh-like fabric, and resin creates a novel visual language that not only represents this distorted world but also reflects the downside of specialization and alienation on a personal level.”

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