2022 Annual Affiliates Exhibition

First Street Gallery

Nov. 29, 2024 - Dec. 17, 2022

526 West 26th Street, Suite 209
New York, 10001
PHONE 646 336-8053


Opening Reception: Thursday, December 1st, 6-8PM

Anita Dawson is a painter of objects; she is interested in the enduring iconography of still life. In Western art traditions certain images have common interpretations and serve as metaphors for the artist and viewer. Here are compositions that explore and honor the things that animate our world: birds, books, letters, fruit and flowers, which for her are signs of reverence for nature and our life in it. There is both comedy and serious intent in the odd juxtapositions which address our contemporary environment with all its chaos, impending disasters and beauty and satisfaction.

Robert Loebell’s sculpture explores the space between 2 and 3 dimensions. His relief carvings work within the limitations inherent in the material that he uses, wood, and the many possible approaches to that material. They are carved, constructed, burned, bent, and colored with paint and encaustic. The images are curated from photographs he’s taken in traveling, archival pictures or from family photos.

Kathy A. Moore paints and draws from intense visual observation based on the still life motif. Her intent is to place the viewer within her immediate visual perspective, as if the viewer is present, stepping out of a spectator role. Within each still life, she aspires to convey a luminous, quiet, and intimate order.

John Rohlfing Ceramic vessels.

Carolyn Sheehan creates art works that are best described by color and images. She combines creativity and imagination with emotions in every piece with the sole purpose of not only creating an aesthetic that impacts the feelings but causes pleasure as well. Every piece is worked like a sculpture which is three dimensional and they take shape in a style in which the icon is always the focal point.

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