Zebulon Presents Surfing Countdown FLAX’s February Arts Festival


Feb. 25, 2018, 06:00 pm

2478 Fletcher Dr.


6pm: Performance by Jasmin Blasco
7pm: Screening of Animal Glisse by Bertrand Dezoteux
7.30pm to midnight: After party DJ set by Jasmin Blasco

FLAX (France Los Angeles Exchange) continues The Dialectic of the Stars, its unique visual arts and performance festival curated by Fabien Danesi, FLAX’s current Curator-in-Residence, which is free and open-to-all. As part of FLAX’s compelling series, Zebulon presents Surfing Countdown on February 25 from 6-12 p.m. with a sound performance by Jasmin Blasco that evokes a spatial journey, followed by a screening of Animal Glisse by Bertrand Dezoteux. The evening culminates with an afterparty from 7:30p.m. to 12 a.m. with a DJ Set by Jasmin Blasco. French sculptor Nicolas Momein unveils a new presentation of a mobile artwork at the event.

Zebulon Surfing Countdown promises to be an integral part of the art series The Dialectic of the Stars, which invites the public to drift all over the city to attend events. Installations and performances can be seen as allegories of coordinates, guiding the audience in the vastness of our globalized culture, like sailors once did at sea. www.flaxfoundation.org

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