Undefinable: Women’s Health in America

Evanston Art Center

Oct. 7, 2017, 01:00 am

1717 Central Street
PHONE 847-475-5300


Women’s health in America is a loaded issue politically and socially. The connection to and control over our bodies is closely intertwined with health and well being. Artists reveal the complexities of concerns, ranging from living with altered bodies after cancer treatments to speaking out about the frustrations of lack of access to equality of care. The relationship to our bodies correlates with our health, so when under attack, whether by literal cancers or metaphorical ones manifested in anti choice laws, the fight is critical for healing. This exhibit reveals how women are not defined by our bodies, our diseases, or our health, but rather when facing our own mortality and vulnerability, we are able transcend stereotypes and judgements, and to choose empowerment and strength.

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