“Turning Tales” New Work by 2017-2018 Veterans Residency Artists

Kala Art Gallery

Oct. 11, 2018, 06:00 pm

2990 San Pablo Avenue
PHONE (510) 841-7000


Kala Gallery is proud to present the exhibition Turning Tales featuring the 2017-2018 Kala Veterans Residency Program artists Adam Allegro, Fanny Garcia, Roger Ourthiague Jr., Gregory Rick and Ehren Tool with special guests Amber Hoy, and Aaron Hughes & Amber Ginsburg. The Veterans Residency Program is a new initiative at Kala Art Institute started in 2017 with support from the California Arts Council (CAC). Its goal is to encourage and support the artistic expression of veterans and the extended veteran community, and to create public dialogue and appreciation for the diverse range of veterans’ experiences.

Veterans have experienced many conflict zones. While on active duty, they were in the midst of war and combat zones. Returning to civilian life, they carry back their experiences and also face a new conflict between military and civilian life. These conflicts become the part of their lives – past, present, and future. The exhibition Turning Tales creates a place where veteran artists share their stories with fellow artists, gallery visitors and the extended community. The exhibition focuses on their creative journey from military duty to civilian artist as each artist conveys messages, stories, and experiences through their art practice. War, military action, and veterans’ experiences often become invisible and separate from the civilians’ lives. Topics touched on include power structure within the military system, struggle and conflict of individualism, technology and development of mass destruction, surveillance, detention and torture, and beliefs, honor, shame and guilt around war, violence, and military service.

With additional support from CAC and UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund, Kala is working in collaboration with Cal Veteran Services Center on creating engaging and accessible public programs to complement this exhibition.

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