Triple Decker Ecology: Somerville’s Urban Landscape

Somerville Museum

Oct. 11, 2018, 06:00 pm

1 Westwood Road

Curators: Pennie Taylor and David Buckley Borden

Triple Decker Ecology includes selected objects from the Somerville Museum collection, and new works that consider site-specific environmental issues, made by artist David Buckley Borden and collaborators. Project research uses the museum’s historic collection and knowledge from community stakeholders on topics including urban wilds, waterways, and species.

Borden will create a dozen “proposals” for a trail of sculptures that communicate science stories to passers-by. The exhibit team will realize several of the proposals and collection items will be installed with works highlighting local ecological history. The artworks are meant to raise awareness by spurring direct action through programming with scientists, local organizations and the community.

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